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The Primal Root’s Rotten Reviews presents Neon Maniacs

a Primal Root Rotten Review

Hey Gang,

Your old pal The Primal Root here, bringing you the bizarre best of the strange, forgotten and dismissed here on the Rotten Reviews. And boy, this month do I have one Hell of a movie to show you.

We’re taking a look at 1986’s multiple killer slasher oddity, Neon Maniacs, a film so epic and expansive they couldn’t even be bothered to explain anything. It features 12 creatures dressed like Village People rejects who trot around down town San Francisco after dark to kill people…cause apparently that’s all they do.

Neon Maniacs features a great cast of obscure slasher film actors and actresses that only those truly devoted to Trash Cinema (aka: geeks-like myself) would get excited over. Two of which are from the Friday the 13th series! SCORE!

And make sure to stick around for the old Neon Maniacs Safety Training video left over from the 50’s I managed to track down. It sheds some light on how to deal with these blood sucking freaks. Hey, you can never be too careful.

So enjoy this latest Rotten Review with someone you love. Make sure to keep a beverage handy as well.

Stay Trashy!
– Root


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Marta Kober, WE MISS YOU!

Have You Seen This Woman?

Marta Kober plays the sexy young counselor in training, Sandra, in Friday the 13th Part

She’s the young lady who gets impaled along with her boyfriend, Jeff, while they are making the sign of the doublebacked mud weasel in the the bed on the second floor of the camp house.

Marta Kober is lovely and is a bit on an enigma to me. I’ve never seen her in anything else, she didn’t participate in the making of Crystal Lake Memories or in the documentary, His Name Was Jason. Her IMDB biography consists of this one sentence:

In 1993, under the name Marta Scorsese, performed in the musical group “The Bomb.”

Where the heck is this chick? I’ve had the biggest crush on her since I first laid eyes on her in Friday the 13th Part 2. My infatuation was reignited this afternoon while I was watching my ration of trash cinema and I popped in School Spirit.

School Spirit is a campy Roger Corman comedy where this guy is about to have sex with this girl he really likes but can’t find his condom so he drives to the drug store, gets hit by an car on the way back, and spends the rest of the film as a ghost.

It’s trash cinema at it’s cheesiest. He uses his powers to peep on girls and make fools out of the preppy guys. It all seem rather predictable until our lead character goes over to the home of his flame. And who is lounging by the pool in her bikini? I had to rub my eyes and do a double take. I couldn’t believe it.

MARTA KOBER! There she is! Now, in the only other movie I’ve ever seen her in! And she has pretty substantial role here. Unfortunately, just like in Friday the 13th Part 2, Marta keeps her sweater puppies bundled up. But MAN, does she like to flaunt them.

She’s as cute and sexy as ever in this flick with a lot more screen time than in Friday 2. Her voice is still a little breathy, she plays a bit of a bone head but she spends about 1/3 of her screen time dancing her little heart out. It’s Marta in all her glory. Where has she been? I want to know what she’s been up to and how she feels about her legacy with the Friday the 13th series. Hell, her character was so memorable they brought her brother into the fold, Rob in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, to avenge her death! She had one of the coolest deaths in the series and filled her role out like none other with all natural awesome!

There’s a terrible rumor going around the web that Marta was arrested for squatting in an apartment and stealing her neighbor’s mail.

Another source said that the gang who put together His Name Was Jason tried to contact Marta but could only reach her family. They said she’d gone missing and they have no idea where she is.

We miss you, Marta! Drop us a line sometime and let us know how you’re doing and what you’re up to! Please, dispel these rumors! We all hope you’re doing well.


(The Primal Root)

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