“Sometimes you just have to let art…wash over you.”
-William Hurt

We are Drive-In mutants.
We are not like other people.
We are sick.
We are disgusting.
We believe in blood, breasts and beasts.
If life had a vomit meter we’d be off the scale.
As long as one Drive-In remains on the planet earth
We will party like jungle animals.
We will boogie till we puke.
The Drive-In will never Die.
-Joe Bob Briggs’ Official Drive-In Oath

trash |tra sh |
discarded matter; refuse.
• writing, art, or other cultural items of poor quality : if they read at all, they read trash.
• a person or people regarded as being of very low social standing : she would have been considered trash.
• nonsense.

cinema |ˈsinəmə|
noun chiefly Brit.
a movie theater.
• the production of movies as an art or industry : the history of American cinema.

collective |kəˈlektiv|
done by people acting as a group : a collective protest.
• belonging or relating to all the members of a group : ministers who share collective responsibility.
• (esp. of feelings or memories) common to the members of a group : a collective sigh of relief from parents.
• taken as a whole; aggregate : the collective power of the workforce.

This is a gathering place for all of those who find the joy, laughter and art in what is labeled as worthless, despicable, disgusting, trash cinema. This is a place for open discussion, sharing and discovery of all things trash-tastic!

Join us, won’t you?

-The Primal Root

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