FEAST (2005) A Trash Cinema Event!


WHO: The Trash Cinema Collective
WHAT: Trash Cinema Night screening of the 2005 splatter flick Feast!
WHEN: Saturday November 7th at 9:00 pm (EST)
WHERE: Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack
WHY: Because there’s nothing like hanging out in a bar with your friends while watching a group of strangers in a bar fight off a horde of malicious, horny, mouth raping genetically engineered fuck beasts.

As always, NO COVER!

Hey Gang, The Primal Root here and I am DAMN pleased to announce our Saturday November 7th Trash Cinema Night Screening is the 2005 gore, sleaze, jaw droppingly politically incorrect horror schlockfest, FEAST! Sure, it was the winner of that long forgotten HBO Project Greenlight series, but unlike the other forgotten dramatic output of that terrible show, FEAST delivers one of the meanest, nastiest, go for broke, balls to the wall, darkest comedy horror flicks in recent memory.

In a remote bar on the outskirts of the desert, a rag tag group of blue color workers, hardened criminals, oddballs, nerds, and Henry Rollins must fight to survive against a horde of monsters that lay siege to this hole int he wall establishment. They must use conning, profanities, pool cues, sawed off shot guns, switchblades, and their mits in order to survive the night. Who will survive this blood bath out atrocities? Only time will tell as we sit back, sink our teeth into one of the BEST damn burgers in Tallahassee Florida, wash it down with an ice cold pitcher of our favorite boozy adult beverage and enjoy the none stop grotesqueries that is…FEAST!

Come on out and join us, you gorgeous, filthy animals as The Trash Cinema collective unleashes a dose of pure, unadulterated exploitation for you to dip your toes into with us. See you there!

Stay Trashy!


Mature content. graphic violence, gross humor and really bizarre sexual behavior from extraordinarily horny monsters.

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