‘It’s Wonderful Being a Girl’ : An Educational Film

Hey Gang,

Being a teenager sucks. Especially during that awkward phase when you hit puberty like a ton of bricks.  You’re pitching a tent every 30 seconds, your face bursts forth with Technicolor zits, you begin smelling like canned tamales and you suddenly find yourself  sounding like the fry cook at Krusty Burger. Yeah, growing up is harrowing and I thought I had it tough never really weighing my female peers into the equation. The I saw ‘It’s Wonderful Being a Girl’ and realized I had it easy as Paris Hilton’s dog.

I originally came across this awkward and strangely adorable 1968 Sex Ed film regarding puberty and menstruation when I purchased an old VHS tape full of sex hygiene short subject PSA’s. Now, why they would classify a woman’s period as some kind of sexually transmitted disease is another discussion, but ‘It’s Wonderful Being a Girl’ was the highlight of the entire 90 minute tape.

‘It’s Wonderful Being a Girl’ introduces us to Jean and Libby, two young girls who live across the street from one another and are best friends. Jean has already begun to mature, while Libby is blooming a bit later. Our story focuses primarily on Libby who seeks guidance from her Mother, Jean, her school teacher and Johnson & Johnson, makes of all fine feminine hygiene products, as she navigates the tasks of bowling, roller skating and swimming with her new found excretion.

Do they even make these kind of Sex Ed films anymore? It’s so straight-faced and earnest is just becomes endearing.  Watching Libby as she copes with the numerous highs and lows of becoming a woman and dealing with the total package that comes along with her period is dealt with such openness, honesty and sweetness it feels like an alternate universe.   And the young girl who plays Libby is quite believable and does a great job conveying her shifting emotional states as she rides the uneasy tide.

So check out ‘It’s Wonderful Being a Girl’ and join Libby on the mortifying experience that is, growing up. Make sure to stay till the end as to witness Libby’s awesome final huge, goofy smile before the camera fades out. Prepare to be entertained and educated!

Stay Trashy and Hygienic,


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    July 22, 2011 at 12:54 am


    more along this theme… check out the popular ones.

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