Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter or Jason Delivers the Goods

a Primal Root review

As connoisseurs of trash cinema, bad taste and glory through garbage we know exactly what we want from our sleazy flicks. And this is certainly true when it comes to slasher movies. Even more sow ith Friday the 13th films. And there is one Friday the 13th movie that gives you everything. One sequel that pulls out all the stops, jumps out of the plane without a parachute and goes for broke. And that would be The Final Chapter: Friday the 13th part IV.

Directed by slasher veteran Joeseph Zito (The Prowler) and with Tom Savini back on board to kill the monster he created, the creative mind behind this fourth installment had every intent of ending the series with one final hurrah. So why not give the fans everything they loved about the franchise and deliver the most crowd pleasing Friday the 13th film yet? And that’s exactly what they did.

And what we ended up with is one of the most enjoyable entries in the Friday the 13th franchise.

The film’s quality itself is heightened by the appearance of about a dozen notable actors and actress’s with far more talent than is typically associated with the Cystal Lake Saga. Crispin Glover, Corey Feldman, Judie Aronson, Kimberly Beck, Peter Barton, etc. The list of on screen talent is commendable and does a lot to gain this entry some credibility and give the stock characters more life this time around.

Corey Feldman in the memorable “Peeping-Tom Boogie” scene.

Tom Savini’s special make-up and gore effects are, again, a wonder to behold. From skull crushing, to scissors through necks and cleavers tot he face, The Final Chapter contains the best effects of the series. I would say they even rival those of later, higher budgeted installment as far as overall affect and deployment. In the mid-90’s Savini was at the top of his game a year later would deliver magnum opus in Romero’s Day of the Dead.

When sore throat pain strikes!

There’s also the choice of Mr. Zito taking a seat behind the camera for this outing. Not the most prolific director but his list of notable’s include The Prowler and the Chuck Norris epic, Missing in Action. The man knows what he is doing and gets the feeling when watching The Final Chapter that Zito is a man who understands his audience. Whether it’s the care given to the composition of a shot featuring man being hoisted into the air by a spear gun rammed into his love grove or maintaining a fresh, bouncy pair of female breasts in a shot for far longer than anticipated, Joe Zito is a man trash cinema collectors can believe in.

And then there’s Ted white as Jason. My second favorite Jason of the entire series (behind Steve Dash of Part 2). Ted is an old school professional stunt man who was cast simply because of his size but has a real screen presence when that mask is on. He cuts a very imposing figure when he’s bursting through door sand windows and crushing people with his bare hands. There’s something about the way Ted moves as this character when he runs, and haults and charges after his victims. It feels very real and of the moment and you can;t really say that about most of the folks who have taken the mantel of this backwoods boogeyman.

You are certainly fucked now!

The final Chapter is a constant fan favorite for a ewason. It gives us all everything we could have ever wanted and more from a Friday film. Even some things we never knew we always wanted. Like the jaw droppingly brilliant Crispin Glover dance sequence that will go down in history as the greatest spaz out in slasher films. It’s a true thing of beauty and everyone must see it at least once in their lives. Trust me, it’s really that astounding.

Crispin is taking his passion and making it happen.

Unlike other Friday films that decided it would bring in audiences with the promise of something new or different to inject life into the series, The Final Chapter doesn’t use anything other than the classic ingredients. Crystal Lake and the surrounding woods, young nubile kids, and an psycho mongoloid with a score to settle and a machete in his hand. And what they do with these simplest of scenarios is  give the Friday the 13th fans an entry they will always cherish.

The body count is plentiful, the naked bodies are many (and even some milky white man ass for the ladies), and the carnage is never ending. For my money, it’s probably the most fun you will have with this series. Everything lines up, clicks and will both please the die-hards and maybe even convert none belivers.

One thing you can’t deny is The Final Chapter is one hellishly good time and a load of fun to watch. The Final Chapter is essential viewing for all on Team Jason and it’s hard not to want to give te man a hug after this entry where he is killed off by a pint sized Goonie dressed as Uncle Fester.

Billy Corgan? Nope, still Uncle Fester.

Stay Trashy,

-The Primal Root


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